Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Studio Challenge # 001

Well here we are, first week in October, how bout that…
OK this weeks Sketch Challenge will be entitled;

"My Favorite Childhood SuperHero"

May you pencils be sharp and true.

right. here is my solution to the weekly sketch challenge extravaganza! i drew the penguin....and yes he is more of a super mean person than a super hero. but he dresses so well....

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and for good measure and a somewhat super hero...who doesn't like the brave little toaster!!!???

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Here's my entry. Aside from Luke Cage (who I'm drawing next), Spider Man was the first superhero I really kept up with growing up. I don't really read the comics now, but I've always loved the character.



Well, of all the Super-Heroes that were ever out there my childhood and probably alltime favorite would have to be Doctor Fate from DC Comics. He was, and still is cool. He was on the first superhero team and had the coolest Super Powers action figure, so here is my contribution to this weeks sketch challenge.

Here are the inks…

Here is a bit o' color for you…


I loved the Thundercats when I was a kid. I still do. A Snarf a day keeps the doctor away !


Back in the 90's I thought Gambit was the coolest thing around. This is my homage to him. May he return as a cool character soon.



Blogger Dapper Dan said...

Excellent design and rendering on that Gambit. Kudos!

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