Monday, October 30, 2006

Studio Challenge # 005

Well here we are at the end of October and Halloween is a day away, so we all know what that means--
--Time for Studio Challenge Number Five!

November will be a special month as it will deal with all things Mike Mignola, He has worked on alot of things and characters as well.

The second part of this challenge will be an excercise as well, it is not to draw in the style of but to think of design and black placement in you compositions.

So this week we will do
Hellboy in honor of Halloween and we will discuss what will be new in the following weeks.

Draw 'em and Post 'em,


This is what you get for now but there will be another one soon-- what can I say, I like Hellboy, This was done during a pitch meeting.

This was a real quick Sketch Mike did while working on a pitch getting ready to be sent to the WB.
There is another sketch just about ready to be posted real soon.

Here's my Hellboy, besides the quicker "totally awesome" sketch, this was the first time I sat down and drew him.

More fun with Hellboy. I don't like to draw traditional scenes from the comics. Whenever I have to draw him I like to do things with him that are different.


hellboy. HELLBOY!!

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i might do another one. while drawing this little devil i realized that i liked the way he looks. so drawing him again would be nice.
A Hellboy first for me. Hope you dig it.


Just for Fun I thought I would play a little with Mike's "not so totally awsome" Sketch there with a little inks, colors, and words.


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