Monday, November 06, 2006

Studio Challenge # 006

It's a new challenge and the second week of Mignola Month here at FMLB COMICS.
This weeks challenge is entiteld, "MIND OF MIGNOLA".
Mike has brought a lot to the comic community, from fantastic worlds to astonishing characters.
This week draw as many or as few of Mike's creations for the challenge, but throw it the way you would have done it, wether its Abe Sapian or Adolf's disembodied head, throw it down.

Draw 'em and post 'em,

Dunno, I just thought that Emperor Zombie from the Amazing Screw-On Head might try to fight Lincoln with a giant John Wilkes Booth. But mainly I just wanted to draw Emperor Zombie.

Cyber Gorilla

Lobster Johnson- What a cool character.


Blogger $ara said...

whoah!!!!! i really like this. Really great style, and a sweet job on the coloring.

Maybe my favorite of your blog sketches so far.

3:47 PM  

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