Sunday, November 12, 2006

Studio Challenge # 007

Got it covered...
Recreate one of Mignola's covers, either with the characters he had on it, or, switch them out with any character of your choice.
Draw 'em and post 'em.


Well, I saw this and automatically thought of his B.P.R.D. cover
So obviously I did the next logical thing...a Heroes for Hire cover, heh heh! Growing up, Luke Cage was my favorite comic character next to Spider Man, so since I uses Spidey on my first challenge, I finally found a way to get Luke into the mix.

ok first off, sorry i was so late and missing in action last week. finals.
but on to the challenge. i took a conan cover. and made it a dr scott carroll cover. he was an archeologist! neat!
hope you like.
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Here is my quickie, MissleMan after Hellboy "The Island" issue #2.

This is late, finals slowed me down. I was planning on coloring it, I'll do that later. This is based on the novel cover by Mignola The God Machine.I replaced the characters with BucketBoy and some rabid raccoons.


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